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Sizes of Disc Springs 


Overview of Disc Springs

Disc Springs


The disc spring is often also called: cup washer, spring washer, Bellville washer. A disc spring is of conical shape and can be subjected to axial loading. Forces are normally applied onto the upper inside edge and lower outside edge of the spring.


Disc springs are stacked to gain the desired forces and travel.


The disc spring has numerous advantages over other types of springs:

  1. Large loads/ high spring force with small deflections/installation space.

  2. Disc spring characteristics can be designed as linear, regressive or progressive.

  3. Long service life.

  4. Many number of possible combinations, can vary the characteristic curve as needed.

  5. No setting or fatigue, provided permissible stress is not exceeded.

  6. Self-damping effect can be achieved.

Static Loading

Due to the high forces and small travel of disc springs, they are often used to store potential energy.

Dynamic Loading

Disc springs have a limited lifespan under dynamic loading, dependent on load span and load levels. Important to remember is, that disc springs need to be preloaded in a dynamic application.

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