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Bearing 'K' Springs

The slotted bearing springs have not been economically and quantitatively viable and thus have been discontinued, excepting 3 sizes for ball bearing types: 623(EL3), 608(EL8) and 627 (R7),6002 and 6201.


Should you require these, please enquire with us. If the enquiry is worthwhile an offer can be provided.

Introduction to Bearing Preload & 'K' Springs


Sizes of Bearing
'K' Springs 


Overview of Bearing Preload-
& 'K' Springs

Introduction to Bearing Preload Springs

The optimal supplement for ball bearings

Disc springs for preloading bearings are often called “bearing springs” or 'K' disc springs.


Every ball bearing is designed and manufactured with small amounts of internal clearance between the balls and raceways. Engineers designing applications using ball bearings are faced with two problems: namely the reduction of noise and elimination of play. This radical play can cause considerable noise at high speeds. Schnorr® has developed a solution to these problems by working in close co-operation with ball bearing manufacturers.

Advantages of Bearing Preload 'K' Springs

  1. The preload springs are round ensuring equal bearing surface when using multiple springs.

  2. By use of a suitable disc spring to compensate play, it is possible to achieve a quiet running bearing assembly.

  3. These springs can also be used to accommodate the build up of tolerance within the assembly, without significant change in preload.

  4. These springs can also be used to accommodate thermal movement within the assembly.

  5. Subsequent axial movement of the assembly does not significantly alter the preload.

  6. The use of preload disc springs often results in simpler designs.

Types of Bearing Preload 'K' Springs

Available are 2 types of bearing preload “K” springs:
Non-slotted and slotted.

Fitting of Bearing Preload 'K' Springs

One or more 'K' springs may be used, depending on the design. As with standard disc springs: In series with constant force, the spring deflections add up. In parallel with constant spring deflection the loads add up. Sometimes it may be preferable to preload the inner ring of the ball bearing.


The sizing of bearing springs has been chosen in a manner that a certain spring size chosen to preload the outer race, may also match the internal diameter of another ball bearing size. e.g.: A bearing spring chosen to preload the outer ring of ball bearing type 6302, could also be used to pretension the inner ring of ball bearing types 6205 and 6305.

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